Swine flu outbreak declared a pandemic

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has just announced the swine flu outbreak has become a pandemic, after it emerged 25 more people had been affected in England, bringing the total to 822 cases. Though there have been no fatal cases of the flu, the virus has spread quickly after its first outbreak in Mexico in April.
There has not been a flu pandemic in 40 years and the fact that the H1N1 has been declared a level 6 global pandemic is a bit worrying. It is a bit reassuring to know that the pandemic announcement is due to the virus spreading globally rather than becoming deadly. But with many experts saying the virus will be at its worst next winter, the Government needs to act quickly. How to tackle the virus still seems a bit of a mistery...there are talks of using Tamiflu on at risk groups, but who does that concern?And why do younger people seem more at risk then older ones?Moreover with the media creating a mass panic, it is likely emergency rooms will be filled with people thinking they have the flu when they only have a cold, and that will leave real emergencies,well, waiting...
The next few months will be crucial to finding a solution, and only time will tell if the situation will get better. But with the Government having its hands full with reshuffling and expenses, who knows what its priorities will be?

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