Bournemouth Oakmedians 34-0 Blandford

The Bournemouth Oakmedians third XV proved they were players who “practiced their skills” according to their motto as they easily beat Blanford’s second team on Saturday.

A try from Jason Kier opened the score just minutes after kick off, with a successful conversion from captain Rhys Parker. The Bournemouth team were clearly on a roll as Jason Kier scored another try moments later, but this time Parker failed to convert on the 22 yards touchline.

Blandford got an opportunity to score when they were given a penalty at a scrum, but Jim Mathieson failed the kick drop. The Oakmedians had to be warned several times during the game about their scrum, their coach Alf Changchao yelling for a “tidier scrum”.

The Blandford team showed a lack of technique as they missed another try when Adam Yates was tackled shortly before the touchline and the ball diverted by the Oakmedians’ defence. Another Oakmedian try ensued, with Rob Hunter successfully scoring, while Parker again missed the 22 yard conversion.

Meanwhile the game had to be stopped as Oakmedian Yusei Shimoda kneeled down after an eye injury, but quickly stood up and resumed the match. Not the same could be said however for Blandford Henry Wates, who was applauded off the pitch after a leg injury. Moments before half time, another try is scored for the Oakmedians, this time successfully converted by Parker.

Both teams were asking for more as they were back in the game after just five minutes’ break.
Dan Willis was replaced by Tony Holthom who wasted no time in scoring another try for the Oakmedians. Parker narrowly missed the conversion, the ball hitting the bar.

It wasn’t a lucky game for Blandford number seven Henry Wates, who had to leave the pitch a second time, crying over his leg injury. A few exchanges took place on the Bournemouth side with notably Oakmedian coach Alf Changhao taking over James Norris in the last fifteen minutes.

The game ended with the Oakmedians scoring one last try without converting, leading them to victory with a comfortable 34-0 score. The Blandford team didn’t however seem too sour as they were clapped in the tunnel as they left the pitch.

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