From here to there

A recent exhibition at the Arts Institute of Bournemouth takes you through a fifty year journey of photography. From here to there brings together recent graduates as well as older, more established artists that came from the Institute, formerly known as the Bournemouth and Poole college of Art and design.

The many photographs, old and new, black or white, could not better show the diversity and difference between various artists, styles and cultures.

Famous artists such as Philip Townsend and Michael Birt, who graduated respectively in 59 and 75, like to represent “old school” England through black and white pictures ranging from Westminster to the swinging sixties to the Rolling Stones on stage.

These photos clash all the more beautifully with the colourful portraits of modern life set next to them, frozen in eternal action by recent grads Sarah Turton and Spiros Politis.
With an edgy modern music in the background, you walk through a gallery of diversity.

Portraits of Poole and Bournemouth factory workers stand alongside the looks of celebrities like Duffy, Alan Rickman and Lewis Hamilton. Poetic representations of Dorset coasts and countryside stand out against the hard outlines of the latest sports cars.

But the exhibition does not only mix old and new students, it also blends recent and old technology together. Whilst on one end you can find black and white pictures, at the other you can flick through cyber galleries of digital pictures on state of the art computers.
From here to there gives an insightful overview of diverse artists who come from the same place.

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