The Last Goodbye

Members of Bournemouth’s Jewish community inaugurated “The Last Goodbye” exhibition at the town library on Monday evening. The exposition retraces the steps of the thousands of children who were separated from their families in 1938-39 and brought to safety in Britain in Kindertransports. It is funded by the Jewish Community and is part of the Jewish Museum. Vicki Goldie, one of the organisers, said it was important for Bournemouth to house the exposition as “we have the oldest and largest Jewish community outside of London”.
The many photographs, letters and historical facts of the exposition are part of the Holocaust Remembrance Day which will take place on Monday 27th January. And this year’s commemoration of the Holocaust being focused on hate, it was chosen to represent the children’s’ suffering during the war. Vicki Goldie says she hopes local schools will come and visit, as it is important for children to understand what previous generations have been through. But it is also the opportunity for adults to relate to the hatred directed at Jewish children during the war. Miss Goldie declares “The Last Goodbye” has a much broader meaning: “Whether you are gay, disabled, muslim, it covers all those aspects”.

The exhibition will last until Friday 30th January.

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