Tesco's shows it's credit-proof

Despite opening during a time of economical crisis, the new Tesco Express, at the Bournemouth triangle, has had a satisfying first month of sales.
At first, it seemed the store, which opened on 8th December, would have trouble opening, as it was first refused an alcohol licence. But it was finally granted and Tesco’s opened four days ahead of schedule.
Although Bournemouth’s economy has been on a downturn, with small businesses closing everywhere, Jason Wignore, team leader at Tesco’s, says that there were never any worries the store wouldn’t do well. He adds there was no real competition from other stores, except Marks and Spencer, which in fact might not be doing too well: “Someone who works at Marks and Spencer told us their budget had dropped a bit since we opened”, he says.
According to Mr Wignore, the sales figures, which he wasn’t allowed to disclose, are above average for a small store, and even match the profit of rival stores and other Tescos.
The supermarket’s success is largely due to word of mouth, he thinks, and to “a lot of foreign students and business people on their lunch breaks”.As for the future of the business, Mr Wignore has no doubt the sales figures will stay the same, or maybe even grow.

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