"Unlucky" man charged for driving without a licence

A Kinston man who was charged for driving without a licence claims he wasn’t aware of the situation. Mr Nicholas Gollop, aged 48, appeared in front of Bournemouth Magistrates Court on Monday for driving without a licence or insurance, and with defective tires. He chose to represent himself, and pleaded guilty for driving with defective tires, but not guilty for driving without insurance.

The chairman of the court, Christopher Larshley, asked Mr Gollop if he had tried to contact his insurance company to shed light on the situation, the defendant replied “I did try to find the files, I looked in my house”. He added he didn’t investigate further because he didn't know who his insurer was “I lost everything to do with insurance company”.

The defendant also said he was unaware that he was driving without a licence. The prosecutor, Mr Griffin, said his licence had been revoked because he had not passed medical exams in 1993. When questioned about it, Mr Gollop said that as far as he was concerned, he wasn’t banned from driving: “As far as I understood, I had passed these tests”. When asked if he had anything to add, the defendant said : “I’m just one of those persons who’s unlucky a lot of the time”.

Mr Gallop had first appeared in Wimborne before Christmas on these charges, and was found guilty of driving with no insurance, decision which he appealed.
The Magistrates Court decided to fine Mr Griffin £260 pounds and added six points to his drivers licence.

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