Make a stand with bad jokes

Make a stand for Comic relief brought nine stand up comedians to the Old Firestation in Bournemouth last night. The event was the first of its kind at the venue, and all the acts were newcomers.
Although all the ingredients were there for a classic stand up show, lit stage, dimmed lights in the audience, individual tables, candles and drinks, there was something missing. And something very important. Fun.
Yes it was the first time for the comedians, and granted, making an audience laugh after a tiring day at work might not be easy, but the evening was an accumulation of cliché jokes.
Of course the usual sex ones were the most popular, one of the older comedians taking it a step further and coming on stage with a penis shaped hat, promptly asking the audience to call him “dickhead”. It made the experience a little disturbing by the fact that he was old enough to be my grandfather.
Some of the other recurring jokes included Aussies (made by an Australian), chavs, dwarfs, the NHS and celebrities. Although some comedians did get a laugh out of the audience, Michael Mooney being particularly good, others were only smile worthy. The comedian Colin Martin on the other hand was so bad that his whole performance was cringe worthy, and members of the public were actually laughing at him and not with him.Tough Bob Hope, host of the event, did manage to crack a few good ones between each act, the whole evening was lacking of energy and laughter.

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