Tragic death of Weymouth schoolgirl

Today was the funeral of 12 year old Sophie Llewellyn. Hundreds of friends and members of Sophie's family huddled in All Saints Church, Wyke Regis, to bid farewell to the "bubbly girl". Her older brother read a tribute to his sister and the ceremony was said to be emotional with all her favourite songs played in the church. Those included All for one, from High School Musical, a song from Britney Spears and Bella's lullaby theme from the Twilight movie. Everyone wore an item of pink clothing to match the child's pink coffin. All these elements heartbreakingly underlined the girl's young age. Twelve years old. One cannot imagine the pain her parents have to go through, the sadness of having to bury your own child.
The pain must be made so much harder by the mysterious circumstances surrounding her death. She was found by her parents hanging in her bedroom. Her family understandably does not want to comment about the tragic incident, but a police enquiry has been opened to investigate the death. Was it a suicide? A game tragically gone wrong? We will have to wait for a statement from the police to find out..
In the meanwhile, our thoughts are with Sophie's parents, her twin sister Amy, her 15 year old sister Lindsay, and her brother Scott, 17.

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