President Bling Bling

President "Bling Bling" Sarkozy and his ex-model wife Carla Sarkozi have just created a new wave of uproar after spending thousands of pounds on their Mexican visit. President Sarkozy arrived yesterday to visit his Mexican counterpart Felipe Calderon and discuss the world recession. How ironic. With a mounting economic crisis and high unemployment in France, a designer clad Nicolas Sarkozy and a sparkling Carla (thanks to a diamond necklace and earrings) added a bit of glitter to a state dinner. It is no wonder that they are now being compared to louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, who spent their country's money on frivolities while their nation was starving to death. And sadly, we all know how that ended...a trip to the guillotine. This is however the 21st Century, and the Sarkozys are not making a trip to the guillotine. They are instead making trips to the Bahamas, to the Alpes or the USA, all in very good taste with the presidential jet.

The French crowd is in the meanwhile showing its discontent, and everytime Sarkozy's photo appears in a new gossip or style magazine, he dropts down one point in popularity... maybe the presidential couple should take the hint.

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